Video Poker! will let you play five card draw poker against the "casino", much like the Video Poker machines in casinos around the world. This game plays the "Jacks or better" variation - to be a winner, a hand must contain at least a pair of jacks.  The full iPhone version offers single or 5-hand play and 10-hand play is available on the iPad.

This is a "9/6" machine - the payoff for a full house and a flush are 9 times and 6 times your original bet. This type of "full pay" Jacks or Better machine has a return of 99.54% when played with optimal strategy.  For even more fun, you can select the higher paying “Casino Night” pay table that returns nearly 120%!

Career Statistics - keep an eye on how well you are doing!

There are tons of statistics about the number and types of hands you've won and the cards you've been dealt. Think that diamonds come up too often? Check the stats and verify the fairness of the shuffles.

Adjust the Audio

Use the Settings page to change the volume of in-game sound effects or turn them off.